Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is not my paradise...

The normal reaction one might get when talking about the cold is that "I hate it!" This is not so for me. I have lived in Hawaii for the past couple of months and it is not paradise to me. There are two weather changes. Sunny or rainy and sometimes both at the same time. This just does not cut it for me. I found out that i need the four seasons.

The beautiful and majestic snow. The mud and budding leaves of spring. Summer with its humidity and rebirth of plants. The rainbow of leaves and the slow progression to cold in fall.

That is the description of paradise!

I am currently attending Brigham Young University- Hawaii. The campus is filled with international students that bring such different cultural backgrounds that make this place special. The mostly LDS environment is comforting. I had to recently move off campus because of the "economic downturn of our economy." Its cheaper and if I was going to stay here this semester it was the only way to do it. I rather like it. It makes me get out of my cave of a room more. I spend more time sniffing out parties for their free food then moping about all alone.

Now i should get back to work... I hope to keep this updated...