Friday, April 3, 2009

Swimming with Sharks...

The Discovery Channel is one of the many channels I can leave my TV on all day and not get bored. That is until they do a special on Aliens and the creeps who think they see them. I also hate when they do Shark Week. It creeps me out.

The things we do for fun...

I swam with sharks. I went out 3 miles from the Hale'iwa harbor and was thrown into a cage given snorkeling gear and a big stick to protect my self with and had to live the nightmare I hate to watch on TV.

I loved it. I got to see the pretty side of the sharks. I had no cause to be holding the big stick. I saw them smiling, probably laughing at me saying easy lunch.

The hardest thing I found was resisting the urge not to pet the shark. The instructor told us before he threw us into the cage that we should not pet the shark. It's like telling a kid not to take all the toppings in an ice cream bar. I just wanted to gently stroke the shark. Just feel it. What could it hurt?

Well my hand I guess...

All in All sharks are fun to swim with...


  1. ha ha about the psychology of wanting to pet a shark.

    You are crazy. ;) (In a please-don't-pet-the-shark kinda way).

    Every time I come on her I think you're crazy.

    hmmmm. . .

  2. It's strange.
    "Creep" is a verb and a noun. And they really mean different things.

    Sharks can be involved with both. I guess they're talented.

  3. Jason! How is Vermont? Or New Hampshire? I'm thinking it's New Hampshire. Do you still want to meet us in New York to see Wicked? We will be there next week. We bought tickets (gooooood seats) for Thursday night, June 11th, the 8pm show.

    They are expensive. $150. We have two extra if you want to buy them from us and meet us there.

    Let me know.